Brian Feeney :: Creative Director/AD

About Me

I believe in pushing the idea, the lost art of craft, collaboration, leadership as partnership and continuously learning.

What I’ve learned: awards are fun. I’ve won some. Solving problems, producing great work and enjoying the process are necessities. You can get a lot from people by treating them the right way. Working with clients, producers and directors mean asking the right questions and listening to the answers.

Experience with a range of creative directors has taught me to respect different creative styles and take something from each. I’m a creative thinker and an extremely hard worker, with a strong attention to detail. My sense of humor has been described as dry and intelligent.

I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have gathered and I find mentoring to be very fulfilling. I believe that one of my biggest strengths is sharing my experiences and mentoring anyone who has the same passion I do for design and advertising.

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